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Miranda Kerr for GQ UK, May 2014
Photographed by: Mario Testino 


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La Dispute flower I painted on the wall of my old high school 🌱




See what I did there.


This was the best edit ever tbh

We’d spent months going in circles about what we needed from one another, when the answer all along is that we didn’t need each other at all. And maybe I need you to be nothing for me. One day though, you’ll realize that you were my everything when all along I needed you to be nothing, and I was your nothing when I needed to be your everything.


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It’s still you. It’ll be you when you fracture your wrist at 4AM and call me when I have a presentation the next morning. It’ll be you when you ask to drive my new car and crash it into a telephone pole. It’ll be you if we hate each other for a day or a few. And if you break my favourite mug. And if you keep forgetting our anniversary and make it up to me by baking a salty cake. It’ll be you when your dad dies and you stop talking because you don’t know how. It’ll be you when you crawl softly into my open arms. It’ll be you when your mum calls me a “whore” and you jerk your chin and all you say is “no.” It’s you when you’re messy and ill and sweaty. You when you leave the house door unlocked. You when you burp drunkenly into my ear and curl into my side like a baby. It’ll be you when you burn breakfast in bed and then kiss me for five minutes straight. It’ll be you when your hair gets too long and you can’t be bothered to cut it. You when you fall asleep on the sofa with the cat on your chest. You when we fight and turn everything to rubble. You when you put your mouth to my ear and whisper “it’s you. It’s still you.” Azra.T “It’s still you, it’s still you - MA” (via 5000letters)

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